Life at Claiborne & Hughes

Claiborne & Hughes prides itself in providing stimulating and engaging activities for all of our residents. Each resident is individually assessed to determine which programs are suitable, and more importantly, what activities are most enjoyable for them.

Recreation and Entertainment

Each day brings new and different types of things to do for our residents, and a wide variety of programs catering to different levels of both physical and cognitive abilities are always available. Our fun, engaging activities staff engage the residents and focus on keeping both body and mind active!

Additionally, Claiborne & Hughes enlists the services of talented entertainers who come to the facility to perform live. The music and dancing enrich the lives of our residents, creating new memories to treasure!

Experience Dining Excellence

Claiborne & Hughes Nursing and Rehabilitation provides for a dining experience on par with your favorite restaurants. Our meals are meticulously planned and prepared so that not only are they nutritious, but the presentation and taste will satisfy even the most discerning of palates.

Enjoy the restaurant atmosphere in our beautiful dining rooms where the residents truly feel that they are “eating out” in style. Alternatively, Claiborne & Hughes has a number of smaller dining venues for those occasions when a resident may want to eat with their family members or a smaller group.

All of our meals are prepared for each individual resident under the guidance of a licensed dietician. This ensures that each resident’s specific dietary needs and preferences are met. Snacks and nourishments for those “feeling munchy” moments are always available!

Please contact us to find out more about the services we offer.